Lord of the rings



Breaking the silence
Summary: " . . . Gandalf had told him to take care of the Ring Bearer. But what now? He felt the lack of closeness beginning to gnaw at him . . ."
Rating: general


Fool of a Took
Summary: Curiosity killed the cat – but what did it do to Pippin?
Rating: general


Summary: They say the last thing that dies is hope. But can Merry hope, after Pippin has gone to the final battle before the Black Gate?
Rating: general


Explain the night
Summary: Hope has died. Or hasn’t it? Sequel to "Candles"
Rating: general
Note: Currently in the state of re-write, therefor not available


The Cooking Conspiracy
Summary: A comedy of errors in which Frodo tries to cook a birthday meal, Pippin takes a liking to washing things, Merry gets caught wearing a dress, Sam saves the day, and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins takes the blame. (Pre-LOTR, co-op with Murron)

Rating: general


Summary: Sometimes it takes just one moment to realise the truth about things hidden. Post quest, pre havens
Rating: general



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