Midnight Tea ! Updates


August 06: New Stargate: Atlantis stories - Three Fates, Vapor Lock, Yoshino, Helical, Calligraphy, Cocytus

January 06:
New Stargate: Atlantis stories - Nightwatch, Five ways Carson Beckett never celebrated his birthday, Flight, Acknowledgement, Full Circle, and a new photo section: various

August 2005: Added the sequel to the SGA story Hypnos and Phobetor - Icelus -, also Care Packages, an SGA fic co-written with Auburn

Picture update: added a selection of Oxford pictures to the "England" section.

March 2005: Added the beginning of the Ultraviolet story, also, four Stargate: Atlantis stories

February 2005: Latest chapter of Magenta added. And yes, I'm still working on that one, and no, I haven't forgotten any of the other stories, but life proves to be more than quite a handful, so your patience is required and gladly accepted. Meanwhile, I'm also working on an Ultraviolet fic that'll be up as soon as it's done. Also, new photos to come. If I don't manage an update before, the latest will be by the end of April, after the exams are done. 45 hours of exam writing over the span of 9 days, people. Bear with me, please.

September: New icons added

Important note to those visitors reading "Circle of healing".

This story will go into extensive re-write in order to get the flow of the story back to the way it once was. This might take a while, but once that's finished, the ending will be near. Thanks for your patience!

August: New LOTR story "Invincible" added

Juli: Alias story "Conditio sine qua non" finished

June: Pictures from the journey to Scotland added

May: Guestbook "repaired" (anybody up for signing it?), new Alias story "Conditio sine qua non" added

April: Added photos of my hometown

February: Added new Alias story "Ghosts II", sequel to "Ghosts". Added new LJ icons.

December / January: Added new Alias story "Ghosts", added new section "Original fiction" and the short story "Berlin Wilhemstrasse" in said section

November 12th: Chapters 8 & 9 of Magenta are up

October 1st: Added two new Alias stories, "Stir" and "Treason", to the Alias section, updated the fanfic recs

September 24th: Added photos of a photo session during sunrise

September 11th: Added more icons, updated the Alias section with "Magenta", a WiP

September 2nd: Added the "Proudly Presents" section, home of Murron's and Rez' stories

End of August: Provider change, the move was hopefully successful (if stressful)

August 12th: Added a whole new page of current Berlin pictures

July 24th: Added new links (Alias), uploaded icons, general small maintenance

July 18th: Uploaded new pictures, this time a moor in its full splendour, opened the Alias section, new fanfic recommendations

May 19th: Uploaded chapter 23 of "Circle of healing" in the SW story section

Previous updates:

May 2003: Moved up the bottom menu. p-ta helped repair the damage done during the attempt. :o) Maybe somebody will notice now that I have a guestbook? New links added.

May 2003: Uploaded pictures of Rheinsberg and Brandenburg. Changed the links for the Germany Photos, they have their own starting page now. New links added

April 2003: Uploaded all chapters of Circle of Healing available so far. New links added

March / April 2003: With the help of friends, repaired a few glitches. Added Dresden Photos.

Feburary / March 2003: Added "Chimera's Call" in the HP story section

January 2003: Added Berlin Photos.

November 2002: Added "Absolution" in the LOTR story section

Autumn 2002: Launch of Midnight Tea! Upload of Scotland, England, USA, Turkey, Germany photos. Upload of most the LOTR, SW, Buffy and X-Men stories



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