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All stories listed here are my all-time favourites for the various fandoms. Yes, most of them are quite long, but they're all worth reading. All of the authors have a special talent and an incredible craftsmenship in dealing with words. If you're looking for an excellent way to not go to sleep at night, then follow my recommendations and read those stories. :o) Ratings go from G up to NC 17, read at your own discretion.

Sorry, but as of now, the entries are not alphabetically sorted. Maybe later ...




Syd / Sark fics

What rhymes with dark by Rez
14 days by Rach
In tenebris by Rez
The back way by evonness
Cynara by Rez
Circle by Carmen Sandiego
Forfeit by Rez
Spanish Doll by redrover
Byzantium, Iteration of Burn by Auburn
Complicity by redrover
Like walking on Knives by Auburn
Ribbit by Auburn
The way we'll go by Auburn
The Lisp by Auburn
Belfast by Auburn
Seeing Stars by Eli
Lying, next to him by Auburn
A kiss before lying by Auburn
Bad wigs, black leather and guns by Auburn
Floodgates by Brix
Thunderstorm by Joanna
The nature of their game by pie
Aflame by Joanna
Artemis by voleuse
Fire and Ice by Riane
Company Ink I by voleuse
Illusions by Rhien Ellis
Athena by voleuse
An exercise in control by Rhien Ellis
Aphrodite by voleuse
Uninvited I, II and III by Ossian
Left Turns by Kimarama
Thaw by Rez
Destined by redrover
Geometry by redrover
Medial by Gabby Silang
Tempo Rubato by MC


To be found either on LJ or at Dark Enigma




John / Aeryn fics

Mercy - by Nerys
Needs by Silver
Aggressive Tendencies by Nerys
RESPITE by Una Fritz

Most of them to be found at The void to the uncharted territories



Harry Potter

Ron / Hermione fics

When words aren't enough by Manu
Getting the point by Moey and Arabella
Not as a last resort by Arabella
Never go back by Athena Arena

Most of them to be found at The sugar Quill




Lord of the rings

Hobbit fics

Reniad by Murron
The Care and Feeding of Hobbits by Baylor
Little Bird by Murron
Handkerchiefs and Mushroom soup by Baylor
Filia Cantus by Murron
Together's Scars by s1ncer1ty
Splashing and Sputtering by Baylor
Take them as was willing by Baylor
Drowning in Amber by s1ncer1ty
Starlight on leaves by Lobelia Sackville Baggins

Most of them to be found at Nindaiwe





Harm / Mac fics

Unravelled by Kimberly Knipp
Legend by Kimberly Knipp

To be found at Ex Libris



Star Wars

Beyond Obligation by Quiller
Forbidden Fruit by Sleepwalker
Hidden Agenda by Quiller
What dreams may come by Diane Coffin
The Petition by Cynthia Martin
The importance of having candy by Diebin
Legacy by OzKaren
Five Deaths to die by Cassia
Whispers of Betrayal by Quiller
One last lesson by Ambersky
Recovery by Marie
For the record by Quiller
Forbidden Harvest by Sleepwalker

Please check the "links - StarWars" page for the various archives for StarWars fanfiction. Those stories are scattered around the net. You'll have to hunt them down, but it's well worth it!




(Wolverine / Rogue fics

Snowfall by Murron
Of friends and good intentions by jenngrrl
Do you hate what you see? by Donna
Compass Points series by Diebin
Photograph smile by Nancy Lorenz
Prom night at Mutant High by J. Marie T.
A cup of tea by Nancy Lorenz
Agony and Ecstacy by Diebin
In a thousand miles by jenn

To be found at the WRFA

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