Lord of the rings



The best resource for rumours, news and information on LOTR.


Official site - for pictures, sounds, interviews and more.



War of the Ring

Excellent site with high quality pictures, friendly staff and loads of multimedia!
Interested in a place that is both comfortable, friendly and posh? This is it!



Quickly growing fanfiction archive - with quite a few high-quality stories.
Note: Since 2003, Nindaiwe does not take anymore submissions!


A shortcut to mushrooms

Personal site of the wonderful writer Baylor - with a very cute layout!


Lord of the rings site by the talented artist Nancy Lorenz, well worth a visit


New, high quality fanfiction archive. Hand-picked stories, gen, poetry and slash


The Mellon Chronicles

Cassia's Aragorn and Legolas fanfiction archive


The council of Elrond

Small fanfiction archive, beginning fan community


Fanfiction recommendation, search engines for all interests and all characters, clearly labelled.



Transcribe - English into Elvish (Tengwar)



One of many, with loads of pics.
Be careful with the forum if you're older than 13 years, though.


Billy Boyd official site

The original. The one and only. Informations on the actor, a very active forum and - real audio interviews with Billy! *purr*


Die Ringschmiede

Official website of the German mailinglist "Die Ringschmiede " - a very cosy place to be.

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