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Just for recovery purposes, here are the guestbook entries from the old server.

You are extraordinary!
I find it amusing that I came to this site through LiveJournal, because I don't believe I would have ever found this amazingly beautifully done site without it! To be honest, I have not met many writers who have your talent, in the icon-making and the literature, and I adore your creativity and uniqueness entirely! The fan-fiction, "Candles" is heart-touching and unile any other I've read. I look forward to reading more of your works and also checking out the work of others listed on the "Must Reads" page. Good luck, and hope to see more of your delightful work! ... Shelly Murphy
24.08.2003 01:18:32

Ich seh Dich... Äh Deine Seite

Geht wieder. Vielleicht lags einfach an der unchristlichen Uhrzeit, zu der ich es versucht habe. Wahrscheinlich hat der Server da den Virenscanner drübergejagt oder es liefen gerade irgendwelche Maintenance-Works. Gut, dass die Links jetzt über der Schriftrolle sind. Drunter hätte ich sie fast übersehen. ... Melanie
25.05.2003 15:49:16

Hi Ellen, This is a really nice site. I discovered it when I was surfing through Livejournal and I chanced upon your name. I've been on Livejournal since last summer when I met a load of Buffy fans at a conference where Buffy was just one topic among many. Bye ... David B.
19.02.2003 16:19:13

A place of magic
I'm so glad that all of your amazing and enchanting works have finally found a home. And what an amazing home it is. This is indeed a lovely place, where I feel immediately at home. It has this comfy atmosphere I can only compare to your own room - candles, tea and many little goodies of creative work to discover in every corner. It's gorgeously designed and obviously created with very much care and love. I'm in awe, very much so. Please never ever working this shining eretria-magic of yours. *huggles* ... Kat
18.11.2002 11:33:34

Hi Ellen! *huggles*

Wow, Ellen! Just wanted to say what a fantastic and beautiful site you have here :) ((my URL since it won't fit above --> ... Xehra
29.10.2002 02:30:32

So awesome!
I just love your new site Eretria! It's so wonderfully designed. A real beauty and it's quality fits perfectly to the high quality to your awesome writing. I wish you lots of happy travellers visiting your site! ... Yvonne
12.10.2002 22:46:04

A thoughtful and elegant site -- not unlike its owner.:-) Very classy. A treat to look at. ... Quiller
08.10.2002 01:37:05

You deserve it!

Hon, I'm proud of you, I sincerily am! How about some recipes for the hungry Hobbit in me? ... Fran
07.10.2002 20:20:55

This lonely entry is looking for company. :-) ... p-ta
06.10.2002 23:24:34


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